About Me

Hello there kinky people and welcome to my dirty little corner of the internet. My name is Vivienne, or Mistress. I am a dominatrix based in Essex in her mid twenties. I relish in all aspects of domination I adore good lingerie, latex, and those shoes with red bottoms and I’m sensual, sharp witted, and very capable of blowing your mind. I know as you are here you are an individual of great taste. You are adventurous yet willing, you are curious yet collected, and you are looking for somebody like me to be the cherry on top to your kinky misbehaving. 

I am a dominatrix with 5 years of experience situated in the beautiful town of Colchester in Essex. I have recently visited the English mansion for a day of play, I make Fetish videos, and I also make custom content and videos. I operate from central Colchester,  well equipped with everything you need to embark in a journey or pain, pleasure, and many many explicit activities. Being open minded, and also with me being a submissive in my private life (and only in my private life) means I have a great understanding of the dynamics of how things should be and when and how they should be done. I’m very passionate about what I do. With a wealth of knowledge and a penchant for boys being wrapped around my little finger I’m made to be experienced. 

My style of dominance is fulfilling. With one look I will consume you entirely. Are you ready?

Start your journey here...

All about Mistress 

• Age: Mid twenties

• Height: 5’6

• Dress size: A perfect 10 Gym fit with feminine curves in all the right places thick muscular thighs and a round firm squat bottom. 

• Bust: 32dd all natural with ripe pink nipples

• Hair colour: Long warm blonde locks

• Eye colour: Green, the rarest eye colour

• Skin: Golden tanned decorated with tasteful unique artwork 

• Orientation: Pansexual

• Star sign: Cancer

• Clients: Singles and couples of all genders. Sexual services are offered to women only. 

• Favourite drink: Ruihart pink champagne 

• Favourite food: Pan Asian and pizza. Feeding mistress pizza in the bath is a sure fire way to end up in the ‘favourites’ section of my little black book. 

• Mistresses guilty pleasures: Ironed duvet covers, trips to coco de mer, waffles with ice cream, getting up to no good in luxury hotel suites and watching you perspire...

what they say

You’ll be surprised by how good looking she is for a start. Yes the photos are lovely but in the flesh she’s nothing less than statuesque. Absolutely incredible curves and firm but oh so spankable flesh. Fabulous thighs, fabulous calves in glossy silky nylons. Those eyes and that pout could start wars. I have never felt so consumered by another human being -M

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