Most of my sessions are built up over time from fascinations that you have in your mind, and I have in mine, being fantasies that you would like to bring to life, or even just the fantasy of being bossed about by a strong young woman with the looks of a goddess and the mind that is a force to be reckoned with. One thing for certain is that over time I have built a wealth of knowledge and somewhat an A-Z of BDSM. Here are some of my favorite types of play. 

Impact play slapping and spanking.

I have various spankers, whips, crops, canes, and floggers all made for different levels of experience. I also have a very firm hand. I can start soft and work my way up building you up and breaking you right back down again. It doesn’t have to hurt. I can be gentle or rough. Let’s find your happy medium or maybe even push some boundaries shall we? 

Clothing Fetish. 

What material really makes you tick? Leather? PVC? Nylon? Maybe you like satin or stunning agent provocateur lingerie. Let this lady take the upper hand by showing you what is in her closet..

Financial domination. 

Are you a little pay piggy wanting to give your mistress everything she loves? I’m a lover of the finer things in life and I LOVE being spoiled. Send vouchers cash tributes or we can start a cheeky retweet game on twitter. I really like to get what I want. And I want It all. 

Tie and tease. 

So many sessions are based around this and it’s something that will always be fresh and exciting for me. This is perfect for a beginner looking for an introduction into the world of kink. It’s also perfect for somebody who likes sensuality. However hardcore things get I always like to keep an element of tie and tease in there. Sensual seduction is my favorite and it keeps you under my spell...


Are you a lover of being pissed on? I’m somewhat a piss artist. I will tease you and get you covered in my sweet golden nectar. I could even collect it into a bottle to throw over you as an extra special surprise alongside the sweet nectar flowing out of me. Would you like to drink it? Or would you prefer to lay there covered in it feeling humiliated yet oh so filthy at the same time? Let’s get you wet...

Anal play, strap on, and prostate massage. 

Being an anal queen myself I have tons of experience in making this a comfortable and a pleasurable experience for you. There is nothing more exciting than playing with somebody’s rear end. There is also something so empowering about strapping on my very own cock and entering your lovely bottom. Let me stretch you to your limits. 


Do you have a thing for serving an alpha female? Do you like to clean and tidy and give her massages? To be at her every beck and call? Or even attend fetish events with her? I have a house you can clean and many things I need done for me. Let’s take some tasks off my back and hand them over to you shall we? 

Breath play. 

I can do this with my hand, my mouth and both or even with headscissors, waterboarding, and telling you when to inhale and exhale. When I control your breathing I will have you in the warmest fuzziest of places. 

Sensory deprivation. 

Would you like to be put into a bodybag? Maybe even a whole nylon sack to enjoy the soft material? I could bind you in bandages and mummify you or I could bind you in tape. I could restrain you and blindfold you or I could encase you inside a vacbed. Pick your poison. 

Pet play. 

Are you a puppy or a pony? I’m your owner either way and your going to be good for me. Would you like to eat and drink out of a bowl and go for walks or have me ride you? Who’s a good boy?

Messy play and sploshing. 

Do you like spit? Maybe you prefer custard pies to the face of baths full of gunge? Would you like whipped cream? I have a large kitchen we can make an absolute mess out of if you like? Let’s make a party out of it. 


How would you like me to humiliate you? I have a  brain full of ideas and I’m an active listener. Don’t be afraid to tell me ways you would like to be humiliated. With my sharp wit and very dirty laugh it’s an experience to be experienced. 

Sissification, bimbofication, and maid training. 

Are you one of those gentlemen that likes to feel like a pretty woman sometimes? I can do your hair, makeup, and dress you in a lovely designer dress. I will make you into the beautiful lady you have always wanted to become. Or would you like to be a naughty Barbie slut for mistress? That can be arranged! Maybe your a maid looking for somebody to put you to use? I’ve got lots for you to do for me! I’m sure you will look beautiful. 

Tease and denial. 

Let me tell you a secret. I used to work as an exotic dancer. Teasing and denying people is a second nature to me. Watching you perspire whilst I keep you on edge and unable to do anything is something I am really rather fond of. Let me take you there...

Orgasm control and edging. 

Let me take you to the point of no return and then some. Maybe you would like to be milked by hand? Or even in a milking machine, perhaps you like asking for permission to climax? Would you like to eat it? When I edge you I shall do so with a wicked smile. Keeping eye contact is the key to knowing when you are at that point of no return. I’ll get you there. When I feel you deserve it. 

Cock and ball torture. 

Would you like me to take over your manhood? Weaken you and bring you to your knees and eventually rolling around the floor a sweaty teary mess? Why don’t we get some weights on those balls of yours? Would you like blue balls? My kicks are intense and my methods of cbt are tremendous. There is nothing I love more than destroying your cock and balls with a huge cheesy grin on my face. 

Temperature play. 

I have the loveliest of wax candles to drip all over you and slowly peel off. Wax looks so pretty on skin. When it drips it’s such a great sensation. Or maybe you prefer a chilling sensation? I have some ice for that. I’ve got you covered. Hot and cold baby let’s make things hot and cold. 

Wrestling and beat downs. 

I am trained in martial arts, I am very strong, my legs are extremely powerful and I never lose. Do you like a woman in a leotard and tights trapping you with her strength? Headscissors? Bodyscissors? Inhaling her moistened scent. I’ve got you and I’m not letting you get away from me...

Hard limits and definite NO’s 

Although there are many things I adore there are a few things that are hard limits of mine. My hard limits include 

Adult baby minding, Nappies, public humiliation, Roman showers, anything involving animals including crush fetish, 

If it’s not something I offer I will definitely be able to recommend you to somebody that does do it so feel free to ask. Always happy to help, and I never do kink shaming or anything that would come across as being judgmental. Kink comes on so many shapes and forms and the beauty of it all is how different each of us are as individuals.

what they say

5 sessions later and I still can’t wait for the next one!  Each sessions has been amazing and so different from the last. Hannah has an ability to know what to do, when to do it and for how long.  She always makes you feel welcome, but don’t be fooled she can be merciless soon after!  Oh did I mention she is gorgeous as well. Communication is great too, along with timekeeping.


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