What do you offer Hannah?

I’m a dominatrix so I offer whatever I feel like and work around your likes limits and feeding into your deepest darkest fantasies. I’m very debauched, very sick, and Always on top of my game. I’m no longer escorting because being a dominatrix is my true calling so no i do not offer Sex or anything of the sort. I may offer a form of relief (and torture) however, should I see you have been a good submissive for me.... I do however still offer filthy sex to women clients. I bet that got you thinking didn’t it...

What do you not offer Hannah?

I don’t offer Sex Blowjobs etc, I’m just a dominatrix and I like to use others for my own sick and dirty satisfaction. Other than that I do have a few hard limits and fetishes I don’t enjoy personally. Nothing against them they are just not for me. These include adult baby minding or anything to do with nappies, used condom play, knife play, racial humiliation, crush fetish, underage role play and adult baby, scalpel play, public humiliation.

Your body always looks different in shape, why is it different to in your photos?

I've lost three stone over the course of the last few months and I am currently training for a bikini contest. So my body will be constantly changing over the next few months. I will keep updating my selfie gallery and twitter so you can follow me on my fitness journey and ensure that I am the right mistress for you.

When are you available?

I am ALWAYS available for short notice bookings from Tuesday’s to Thursdays from 10.30am-5.30pm. For anything outside of these hours please feel free to enquire and I shall do my best to accommodate. Advance bookings are always preferred however I’ll always do my best to honour your requested date and time.

Where are you located?

I’m located in central Colchester in a lovely place with ample parking available. I’m happy to help plan your journey and give you all relavent information surrounding getting here as easy as possible. My Incall is equipped with all of the essentials you need to play safe, comfortably, and refresh yourself in between things. There is always a supply of clean fluffy towels, lovely bath and body products, toothbrushes and mouthwash, douches, and everything else you can imagine. Including bottomless gin and tonics and cups of tea. I might even give you a biscuit or a chocolate if I like you...

How do I book you?

Please follow the guidelines on my booking tab and feel free to call text or email. Please note I don’t reply to messages that haven’t followed my booking guidelines as I like spending my time with those that do Infact pay attention...

What type of clients will you see?

Singles and couples of all genders or no given genders. I’m pansexual meaning I like to play with all genders. I don’t discriminate. If you have preferred names or gender pronouns do let me know and I’ll be happy to use them.

Do you see couples?

I see couples for no extra charge because it’s something I enjoy so much. It’s an Honour being given the opportunity to tease the pair of you.

Can I film our session?

Yes you may if I’m also able to have a copy for my own use on here and on my clip sites. I don’t charge any extra for this.

Do you offer duos?

Yes yes and yes! I have lots of beautiful duo partners of every type and gender so there really is something for everyone! In duos I will as always be dominant but I’m more than happy to play with my female duo partners particularly for lesbian cuckolding experiences...

What screening do you take with the booking procedure?

I will always take a 20% deposit to secure your booking unless there are certain circumstances such as you already have references and reviews, you are a well known and trusted submissive, or we have met before. This deposit shows me that you are dedicated to the time you have booked with me and ultimately you respect my time and effort I put into being a domme. For outcalls I do ask for proof of address and your full name.

what they say

And that’s the difference with Hannah - an intensity that she spends every moment from ‘hello’ building - M

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