Hey it’s Hannah here!!  

I’m a Sensual tease extraordinaire In her late twenties. Born and bred in the idyllic Essex countryside and raised by a quintessentially British family I have always embodied the look of a classic English rose, With a slightly unconventional twist. I was often the black sheep of my family but I don’t consider that a bad thing. I am and always will be so unapologetically myself. And comfortable with who I am in my own skin. And I’ve always known that I am destined for an exciting life. From spending time in touch with nature at home to venturing into the bustling city of London and sampling the best restaurants, bars, and human beings too! Exploring isn’t something I’m a stranger to. I have always been a very sensual person and very in tune with my own body. I have known I am destined for a life far from ordinary for a long time. Being a high class escort is something I hold very close to my heart. When I started in this world I found my calling. I think that’s why I treat it the way that I do and hold the ability to make those that choose to book me whether it’s for a Girlfriend experience, a domination session, or a dinner date is always left grinning ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat. 


I am well spoken, welcoming, and forever indulging in the awesome adventures of my life as a professional pervert. I have been in the adult industry for the last 8 years. It’s not just something I do for job, it’s my career, my life, and it makes me content. They say if you truly love what you do. It never feels as though you work a day in your life, and I’m very fortunate and humbled to be in that position. I find living this life empowering, thrilling, and I am forever finding out new things about myself on my ever growing pursuit of pleasure. So how did it all start you ask?


At the tender age of 18 I had just finished an art and design course and was running my own business. Somebody close to me suggested they were considering going to work in an erotic dance club which was fairly local to me. I thought about it but decided to jump in head first. It was indeed me that went for it, And I never looked back. I gained a huge sense of self confidence, focused on being the best version of myself, and it also improved my fitness and my chance of giving myself the most amazing life. I’m glad I took the chance because it was my calling. From dancing in the local bar to working in some of the most reputable gentleman’s clubs in the city I was scouted by a high class escort agency. I was with the agency for a while before I made the choice to go it alone. Even new to it I took to it like a duck to water.


This soon became my life and I lived it to the Max, if I wasn’t eating the best food from the best Michelin star restaurants I was at the spa and gym and rolling around a huge super king bed giving and receiving more pleasure than I had ever experienced in my entire lifetime. I then took it upon myself to start creating content on social media which was a huge learning curve for me. The next thing I was shooting hardcore porn for The English mansion, pascals sub sluts, and my most recent accolade, Brazzers. Porn was something I watched from a very young age. It’s something that excites me and I like to watch with others too when I’m not creating it myself hehe! So here I am Able to share my story, and hopefully you'll find it at least a bit interesting and know a bit more about me, and know you are in the right place to have fun! 


I want our journey to be an escape from that crazy thing that we call life. Because life is all about living after all! 



About Me 

what they say

Had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful lady a couple of times. Not only is she stunning and sexy as hell, but she is lovely company full stop. She is highly skilled with her tongue and just an all-round pleasure to be with. The time flew by and and I left with a huge smile on my face. I would urge anyone who has the opportunity to meet up with this special lady

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